Customized Weight Loss Services2

Much of the advice out there surrounding losing weight is pretty easy to understand. At a base level, in order to lose weight you simply have to consume less calories than you burn and your weight will certainly decrease as time goes on.

However, as with everything else, the devil is in the details and no two people are exactly the same. Losing weight by eating less or exercising more may not be yielding the results that you think it should and you may need additional assistance in order to lose weight.

Variables Impacting Your Ability to Lose Weight

Here are some considerations and variables that can impact your weight loss program and may impact your results:

  • your body’s metabolism
  • hidden calories in foods that you consume
  • the duration and how strenuous the exercise that you are performing
  • your genetic and family history

– distractions and responsibilities that limit your ability to eat healthful foods and get the exercise that you need

Luckily, while some of these considerations and variables can be limiting factors that put a halt on the amount of weight that you can lose, there are many ways to overcome these factors, if you understand them. One way to improve your chances of losing weight is with the use of a customized weight loss program that is designed just for your needs.

Why Customized Weight Loss Programs Work?

Customized weight loss programs pay attention to your individual needs and cater to them with a personalized program that is most effective to you. A general piece of advice that applies to individuals losing weight who are twenty years older or younger than you and don’t have the same dietary needs that you do is likely to be ineffective at helping you to lose weight. A customized program that not only pays attention to your body and lifestyle but also which monitors how effective the weight loss program is and modifies it to be more effective in the future, is bound to be much more effective in the long run.

What is a Customized Weight Loss Program?

A customized weight loss program is a program to lose weight that is built around you. Considerations into your current lifestyle and responsibilities, your family history, and your age and current fitness level are all examined as part of designing your own weight loss program which has proven to be a more effective way of managing your weight than a one size fits all solution.

For example, a single mom may not be able to hit the gym three days a week due to her responsibilities, but other ways of fitting in exercise and healthy ingredients in her life can greatly improve on weight loss. Alternatively, a program to lose weight for an elderly woman who may not have the mobility of a younger individual will emphasize lighter exercises and portion control as a part of weight loss.

Customized weight loss programs are continually modified and improved on as time goes on to improve on their results and remove portions of the program that proved to be ineffective.

Four Customized Weight Loss Services Included in Program

Each Customized Weight Loss Plan Includes 4 Services each Tailored according to each person’s needs.:

Medical History

Medical records, Labs, & Bloodwork

Hormone Balancing

Thyroid & Sexual Hormones Analysis & Profile


Customized Diet, Menu & Other Healthy Recommendations


Medications, Fat Dissolving Injections & Supplements

Physician Owned & Operated Medical Spa

Cutting Edge Technologies