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How to Age Healthily

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How to Age Healthily

Learn tips on how to age healthily to enjoy looking and feeling young for much longer! September is Healthy Aging® Month. While ideally, we all developed healthy habits when we were younger, the truth is that most of us may have neglected our health and well-being while focusing on the daily stress of our lives.

That is why celebrating Healthy Aging® Month is so important. Use this month to examine your health goals and devise a plan to achieve them. 

If you are not sure where to start, try asking yourself what was your best year so far? Was it in your late twenties, thirties, or early forties? Then, picture yourself at that age, how you felt and looked. Then along with the help of our professionals, you can start working on developing a plan to incorporate and maintain healthy lifestyle choices, so you can once again look and feel as you did during your prime.

What You Can Do to Age Healthily

The number of people over 45 increases every year thanks to medical and technological advances which allow us to live longer. 

As we age, however, our minds and bodies change. But incorporating a healthy regime can help us deal with those changes. It may also prevent some health problems and help us enjoy life to the fullest.

Here are some ways you can incorporate healthy habits to look and feel younger for longer.

Care for Your Skin

Moisturizing and wearing sunscreen are essential to your daily skincare routine. Yet, to receive the full benefits, you need to make sure you are using quality products. Our line of clinical facial products has proven effective in minimizing and even reversing the signs of skin aging.

Additionally, getting professional facials and minimally invasive facial treatments like microneedling with PRP and IPL photo facials can significantly reduce wrinkles and age spots while stimulating collagen production to give you a more youthful look.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Gaining weight seems to be an inevitable side effect of aging. Hormonal changes, coupled with poor eating habits and a busy lifestyle that makes it challenging to find time to exercise, it’s no wonder many of us end up piling on extra pounds once we turn 45.

While losing weight is essential to maintaining good health, your goal should be to lose fat and not muscle mass. 

Losing weight in an unhealthy manner can do more damage than good. Remember, starving yourself is not and has never been the answer. Instead, learning about nutrition and how foods affect your energy levels and metabolic processes is the key to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Our personalized weight loss plans can help you set and achieve healthy weight goals.

Hormonal Balance is The Real Fountain of Youth

When did you first notice you were tired all the time? Or that the constant brain fog was overshadowing your vibrant mind? Has losing weight become more of a challenge? Are you having mood swings or lost interest in your sexual life?

If any of these things ring a bell, you are not alone, and the culprit for all these symptoms is likely to be due to age-related hormone imbalances.

But we have excellent news for you. Our revolutionary BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy can restore your hormone levels in a fast and safe way.

BioTE is an intelligent therapy that releases bio-identical hormones depending on your body’s needs. Each pellet is the size of a grain of rice and typically lasts 4-months. 

You will notice the difference in your energy levels, mental clarity, and emotional and sexual well-being almost immediately.

Restore Your Sexual Pleasure Centers

Another side effect of aging is a decrease in sexual pleasure. And nobody wants that!

Both males and females experience sexual dysfunction as they grow older. Thankfully, we now have minimally invasive and extremely safe treatment options for these issues.

Let us introduce you to the O-Shot for women and the Penile Enhancement Shot.

The O-shot and the Penile Enhancement Shot use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted for your blood, so there are no adverse side effects.

PRP contains healing proteins called growth factors which help regenerate tissue in your genitals, enhancing sensitivity and producing mind-blowing orgasms.

Benefits of the O-Shot:

  • Augmented Sexual Desire
  • Increased Arousal
  • Increased lubrication
  • More Intense Orgasms During Sex or Masturbation
  • Ease Urinary Incontinence
  • Reduce Chronic Pain from Childbirth, Mesh, and Interstitial Cystitis

Benefits of the Penile Enhancement Shot:

  • Noticeably Larger Penis
  • Straighter Erections
  • Enhanced Penile Strength
  • Increased Sexual Desire
  • Increased Sensation and Pleasure

It’s never too late to live your best life.

 So, take the first step and schedule your appointment with one of our professionals and enjoy growing older on your terms.

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