Is Laser Hair Removal in Pasadena Worth It?

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Many in Pasadena are surprised at just how popular laser hair removal treatments are becoming. If you have noticed that more of your friends and family members have received this treatment lately, you may be wondering if it is something that you should consider. You may be wondering if it is really worth it.

Say Hello to a Hassle-Free Life

Have you ever taken a few minutes to ponder on how much time you spend getting rid of unwanted hair? Take a second and think about it. If you are a woman, it is likely that you shave or wax your legs on a regular basis. This is something that you either have to do two or three times a week if you shave. If you wax, you either have to visit a spa about once or twice a month or you have to take an hour or two out of your schedule to perform this treatment on your own. You also have to shave your underarms, bikini area, arms, or other parts of your body where you have unwanted hair growth. And then there is all the unwanted facial hair. Perhaps you pluck or wax pesky chin hairs regularly.

All of this takes a lot of time. The amazing thing about having laser hair removal performed is that you do not need to worry about going through these same time-consuming routines for much longer. Once you are finished with the recommended amount of treatments, you may never have to deal with unwanted hair again.

It is good to understand the type of results that you will get right away. Only individuals who have a realistic idea of what the treatment can do feel satisfied with the results. The goal of the treatment is to damage hair follicles that are going through an active growth phase. However, not all of the hair on your body is actively growing. That is part of the reason why you need to visit us for several treatment sessions.

Some of our clients enjoy the benefit of permanent hair removal. The problem is that we cannot promise this because there are things that can affect hair growth on your body that are completely out of our control. The hormones affect hair growth. So you could go through the recommended amount of treatments now, not experience any hair growth for several years, go through a pregnancy, and then see some hair growth in areas that receive treatment.

What individuals who have gone through a major hormonal change have noticed is that if any hair does grow, it is lighter and thinner than the hair that used to grow. The ability to get potentially permanent results is worth it to many individuals to try the treatment. And the fact that their hair is not going to grow in the same way that it used to is definitely a benefit.

Let’s say the hair on your legs is coarse and dark. As soon as you notice hair growth, you need to shave it off in order to feel great about yourself and avoid embarrassing situations. If after going through the recommended amount of treatments you do experience some type of change in your hormones, whatever hair growth you do experience will be a lot different than now. The hair will be lighter and thinner. At that point, it is possible to return for more treatments.

Enjoy Better Results

You already know that you are going to save a lot of time after having these treatments performed. You are also going to experience better results. If you shave regularly, you likely deal with skin irritation. You may have that strawberry rash on your legs for several days after you shave. You may deal with cuts that hurt and take a long time to heal. And this leads to unwanted scars on your body. You may also deal with ingrown hairs, which can lead to infections and a whole host of other problems.

Many people are stuck in a cycle in which they get rid of unwanted hair with a razor, they deal with skin sensitivities and rashes that need time to heal, the unwanted hair grows out, and then they need to start the process all over again. Individuals with sensitive skin very rarely have skin that they like to look at or touch.

Some individuals deal with frequent irritation. For example, a woman may have to shave regularly and deal with a few cuts and skin sensitivity that only lasts a day or two. But then there are situations where people are trapped with skin that is constantly irritated. Just think of a man who has especially sensitive neck skin. His job requires him to shave on a regular basis. Every day he has to shave his face and neck in order to be ready for work. However, he constantly is dealing with ingrown hairs, infected bumps, and skin that looks anything but attractive. In a situation like this, a man would benefit from laser hair removal just in the areas where his skin is especially sensitive. So he may have the treatment performed just under the jawline. This would still give him the ability to grow a beard whenever he wanted to, but he would not need to worry about constantly irritated skin.

It is common for women to request this treatment to be performed on their underarms, bikini area, legs, and upper lip. It is common for men to want these treatments to be performed on their neck, chest, and back. The amazing thing about the treatment is that it is so versatile that it can be used to help you get rid of unwanted hair almost anywhere. The only area where it cannot be used is around the eyes. So it would not be appropriate for individuals who would like to have hair removed from around their eyebrows.

The treatments that we offer can be customized in order to meet your specific needs. In the scenario mentioned above with the man who has very sensitive neck skin, just certain areas can be treated in order to give him the results he is looking for. So when you visit our office, you do not need to have the hair from every part of your body treated. You could just have an area that is especially annoying to shave or that is very sensitive treated. Women often like to just have their bikini area, upper lip, and underarms treated. They feel like these are the areas that are especially sensitive. However, they will continue to shave their legs or wax them as normal.

Are You a Good Candidate?

A lot of people have the idea that individuals who have specific skin colors or hair colors get the best results. In the past, this was true. When laser technology was being used for hair removal just a decade or so ago, it was not as advanced as it is now. So individuals who had dark hair and light skin got the best results. The amazing thing is that there are now a variety of different lasers that can be used to help almost anyone get good results. The one exception is individuals with white hair.

Some lasers are attracted to the pigment in the hair. So a laser like this would be used for an individual who has light skin and dark hair. There are also lasers that can be used for individuals who have lighter hair and darker skin. The energy from these lasers would be attracted to the blood in the hair follicle. In either situation, the goal is to have that energy absorbed by the hair follicles in areas you would no longer like to experience hair growth.

In order to qualify for laser hair removal, you should be ready to do something about unwanted hair and be ready to have more convenience in your life. Do not have this treatment performed just because everyone else is doing it. Seriously think the decision through and make sure that it is the right option for you. We encourage our clients to learn about the different types of lasers that are available, which will help them to choose a clinic that is appropriate for their needs.

Something that stops some individuals from considering having this treatment is the fallacy that you cannot shave before or in between laser sessions. The idea of visiting our clinic one time per month over the course of six months makes them think that they would have to deal with unwanted hair growth for all of that time. Nothing could be further from the truth. We actually encourage our clients to shave before their initial treatment and in between future treatments. The idea is to get the energy from the laser to be absorbed by the hair follicles that are actively growing. So the entire hair shaft does not need to be in place. However, the root needs to be completely intact. So you can shave, but you cannot pluck or wax the hair.

If you are used to waxing unwanted hair from your body, like from your legs, you may need to change your routine a little bit before and during your treatment sessions. Let’s just say that you want to start your laser hair removal treatments at the beginning of May. This means that in March you will want to shave your legs as opposed to waxing them. A day or two before your first visit, you could shave away the unwanted hair. Then you could continue to shave like normal until you start to see the final results of your laser treatments.

It is good to think about when to schedule your first treatment session with us. One of the things that you should know is that your skin cannot be tan in order for you to qualify for our treatments. You cannot even have a fake tan. So you may want to schedule these treatments when summer is over and when you will be more likely to have your skin covered. Many feel that starting these treatments during October or November is perfect timing for them.

In addition to helping you avoid exposure to the sun, there are other benefits that come from scheduling your first treatment during the fall or winter months. This means that by the time your sessions are over, you will be ready to put on your swimsuit or shorts without worrying about unwanted hair on your body. You will not have to worry about shaving, waxing, or using other methods to get rid of unwanted hair. When the summer months began, you will be completely ready to show off your hair free skin.

Do you think that the treatment is worth it? Just think of the extra time that you will have when you get ready for work or other activities every day. No more shaving, waxing, or plucking. You will no longer have ingrown hairs, rashes from shaving, or other issues that come from having sensitive skin. And you will always be ready to put on clothing that may reveal areas of your body where you have unwanted hair growth right now. If you want to throw on a tank top before heading out, you will never have to wonder if you need to shave your underarms. If your friends invite you to the beach, you don’t need to wonder if you need to shave your legs first. You will enjoy a new sense of freedom. These are just a few of the benefits that make laser hair removal in Pasadena worth it.

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