Low Testosterone Self Assessment Quiz

Low Testosterone Self Assessment Quiz

    Test For Low Testosterone

    This questionnaire lists symptoms and other factors most commonly found in those suffering from low testosterone. Answer each question carefully and enter your email below to receive your results.


    Do you have fatigue?Do you have a lack of driveDo you lack initiative?Are you less assertive?Do you have a decline in your sense of well being?Do you have depressed moods?Are you frequently irritableHas your self-confidence declined?Do you find it difficult to set goals?Do you have a difficult time making decisions?Have you had a decline in your mental sharpness?Has your stamina and endurance lessened?Have you lost muscle mass, strength or tone?Have you gained body fat around your waist?Do you have elevated triglycerides?Do you have elevated cholesterol?Has your libido decreased?Has your sexual ability declined?Is it difficult to maintain an erection?