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Non-Invasive vs Plastic Surgery

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Non-Invasive vs Plastic Surgery

What’s the difference? Are Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments Worth It?

We live in an age where we no longer have to gently into old age, better nutrition, clinically tested moisturizing creams, specialized exercise routines, and medical treatments are widely available to all, improving the way our bodies age.  As technology progresses, several non-invasive aesthetic treatments have sprouted up that offer fabulous alternatives to plastic surgery.  Still, how do you know which is better?  To clarify your doubts about non-invasive vs plastic surgery, get to know some of the key differencing factors.  Being better informed will help to make better decisions.

For many years plastic surgery was the only recourse for people seeking to improve their appearance, from removing fat through liposuction, getting rid of face wrinkles with a facelift, or toning their mid-section after pregnancy or weight loss. 

Thankfully, we now have many more options to improve our appearance that carries less risk, involve minimum or no downtime, offers a more natural look, and most importantly is much more cost-effective. The aesthetics medical treatments offered by Rejuvenation Med Spa Weight loss, are superior to those provided by other places and offer significant advantages compared to invasive plastic surgery.

We should mention that plastic surgery still plays an important role in reconstructive medicine, especially when it comes to correcting birth defects, or injuries caused by severe trauma, but, people who are just seeking to regain a more youthful-looking body should really consider all the risks involved with plastic surgery.

The most common risks of plastic surgery include:

Severe Bruising

Our first potential risk that will help put the question of non-invasive vs plastic surgery into perspective it the possibility of suffering severe bruising.  Plastic surgery is an invasive procedure, therefore there will be significant bruising in the treated area, which might be difficult to conceal. This means your procedure will most likely become public knowledge.


Because plastic surgery involves cutting into the patient’s tissue, the is an increased risk of infection, even though post-operative treatment will include steps to prevent this from occurring, infection is still one of the leading negative side effects of cosmetic surgery.

Nerve Damage

Many invasive cosmetic procedures can result in nerve damage, patients report feeling numbness and a tingling sensation after some surgeries, while this might be a temporary side effect of some surgeries, in other cases, it might be a sign of nerve damage.


Most patients do not understand that even though the purpose of plastic surgery is to improve the aesthetics of the individual, it is still a surgery and therefore there will be scaring involved even if it is minimal. The presence of a scar will lower the satisfaction rate of the patient, and in some cases, may cause or worsen the patient’s low self-esteem.

General Dissatisfaction with the Results

Plastic surgery generally involves a drastic change in the physical appearance of the patient, and the results may not always be those expected and in some cases, the procedure can cause contouring or asymmetry problems and even severe deformation.

Complications from Anesthesia

Plastic surgery requires the use of anesthesia, and there is ample documentation that general anesthesia can carry risks for some patients and lead to complications which may include lung infection, stroke, heart attack, and even death.


This is a condition that occurs when blood serum accumulates beneath the surface of the skin making it swell into a blister, this can cause a lot of pain. Because seromas can become infected, they need to be drained, but there is a chance of recurrence.


As with any surgery some blood loss is expected, however, uncontrolled blood loss can have deadly consequences for the patient. The blood loss can occur during the procedure or it can be an internal hemorrhage after surgery.

Allergic Reactions and Addition

Post-operatory medication to help with the pain and inflammation can cause allergic reactions in some patients, this will delay the healing process.

Pain and Downtime

Invasive plastic surgery is extremely painful and will require a period of rest to heal, this means you must take time off work and plan to have someone help you with your everyday chores.


Plastic surgery involves a considerable cost, as you need to pay for the doctor, nurses, and anesthesiologist, clinic, and medications.

The Safer Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments are the ideal alternative to invasive plastic surgery, all the procedures provided by Rejuvenation Med Spa Weight loss offer the following benefits for patients:

  • They are Painless
  • They Provide More Natural Looking Results 
  • There is No Contouring or Asymmetry Problems
  • They Do Not Pose Any Health Risks to the Patients
  • They Require little to No downtime
  • They do not leave any scarring
  • Patients Report Higher Satisfaction Levels Compared to Other Procedures 
  • There is No Risk of Infection
  • There is No Risk of Hemorrhage 
  • They do Not Require the Use of Anesthesia 
  • There is No Risk of Developing Seromas
  • All Procedures Are Performed by Qualified, Board Certified Doctors
  • It Is Cost Effective
To book a free consultation with one of our doctor’s, contact Rejuvenation Med Spa Weight loss today!
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