Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body with Thermiva

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Having a baby can be a time of intense emotions and changes. While many of the changes are welcomed, some may be unexpected and have additional impacts on your quality of life. Pregnancy and childbirth change your body, and this can cause a loss of sensation, diminish self-esteem and ultimately alter your relationship with your partner. Thermiva is a treatment that can tighten muscles and give women back their pre-baby bodies.

What is Thermiva?

Thermiva is a non-surgical treatment that helps women regain firm muscles and sensation in and around the vaginal area. Due to pregnancy, childbirth and the natural aging process, vaginal muscles and connective tissue will stretch and sensation may be lost. This can cause incontinence and reduce enjoyment during intimacy which can change the dynamic of relationships. Thermiva quickly and effectively tightens tissue and restores feeling for improved comfort and quality of life.

How Does Thermiva Work?

The tissue is made up of a protein called collagen. When heated, collagen fibers contract, leading to a tightening and firmness of tissue. Thermiva treatments utilize heated radiofrequency energy to gently apply heat to tissue, effectively tightening the collagen. As the collagen contracts, firmness is restored to the connective tissue and muscles.

What Happens During Thermiva Treatment?

Thermiva treatment is performed in our office, using a specially designed handpiece. The handpiece features a small metal electrode that emits temperature-controlled radio-frequency energy to gently heat internal vaginal tissue, as well as external tissue in the vaginal area. Measuring just 0.5 inches wide, the handpiece can easily be applied to different areas. The procedure is non-invasive, non-hormonal and does not require anesthesia. A trained professional will determine the ideal heat setting to ensure both the comfort of the patient and achieve the desired results.

How Long is Recovery?

Thermiva treatment does not require a recovery period or cause any downtime. After undergoing a Thermiva session, most women can resume normal activities, ranging from exercise, work and even intercourse the same day.

When Will I See Results?

Most women report improved tightening and firmness of muscles within a few days of receiving treatment. Additional treatments spaced a few weeks to a month apart may be required to further tighten muscles and connective tissue. A medical professional can help determine how many procedures are necessary to achieve the desired results and give you back your comfort and confidence.

Who is a Good Candidate for the treatment?

Women who experience discomfort or lack of sensation caused by muscle looseness or laxity in the vaginal area are good candidates for the treatment. A medical professional with Thermiva training can help determine treatment and decide if Thermiva is a good option for you.

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