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Rosacea Treatments, Symptoms & Causes

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Learn About Rosacea Treatments & Causes

April is Rosacea Awareness Month, a month dedicated to educating the public about this disorder that affects more than 16 million Americans, according to

Rosacea is often confused with other skin conditions and is many times overlooked, which is why it is important to learn more about this condition and spread the word.   

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a relatively common inflammatory skin condition that affects the face causing redness, visible blood vessels, and bumps that can look like acne. Rosacea is more evident on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin.  Rosacea can resemble a sunburn, and in its initial stage, it can be sporadic. Patients can have occasional episodes and might not give it much importance; however, the episodes can become lasting over time.

Symptoms of Rosacea

There are three different types of rosacea, and each has a distinct set of symptoms:

  • The vascular form presents itself with intermittent redness and visible blood vessels
  • The papulopustular rosacea is associated with “whitehead” pustules that look like acne blemishes
  • Finally, the third type of rosacea is less common and generally appears only in male patients. It causes the skin to thicken and scar, making it look bumpy, swollen, and sometimes discolored. The nose is the most affected area

Consult your dermatologist if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Facial redness on cheeks, nose, forehead, or chin that initially comes and goes and later becomes persistent
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Thickening of the skin, especially on the nose, chin, or ears
  • Red bumps and pustules
  • Burning or stinging sensation of the facial skin
  • Rough, scaly, or swollen skin
  • Eye problems: sensation of dry eyes, red or swollen eyelids
National Skin Care Awareness Month

What causes Rosacea? 

The cause of rosacea is unknown. There are different theories; one considers it could have a hereditary origin, others point to environmental causes. However, women are more likely to suffer from rosacea, and people of fair skin are generally more affected by the disorder.

Symptoms can appear at around 30 years of age, although some patients present the first symptoms after 50 when the skin becomes more sensitive.

Some factors can trigger episodes; these include:

  • Hot drinks
  • Spicy food
  • Abuse of alcoholic beverages
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Exposure to sunlight or wind without protection.
  • Exercise
  • Emotions
  • Drugs that dilate blood vessels
  • Cosmetic products

Customized Rosacea Treatments

There is currently no cure for rosacea, but there are effective treatments to help manage the symptoms.  It is also essential to identify the things that trigger the outbreaks and try to avoid them.

The specialists at Rejuvenation Laser Med Spa and Weight Loss treat all types of skin disorders, including rosacea, and can help confirm the diagnose and type of rosacea and recommend a personalized treatment to address your specific condition and symptoms.

Some of the treatments recommended could include clinical facials to help repair the skin, bring down the inflammation and redness, and hydrate it properly to improve the feel and look of your face.

Other specific treatments will depend on the type of rosacea and the individual needs of patients.

Typically, our doctors will recommend using specialized skincare products to clean, hydrate, and repair the skin.

Rosacea can affect your self-esteem and make you feel uncomfortable, but there are solutions. Seek the help of a professional at Rejuvenation Laser Medspa and Weight Loss today.

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