Hair Restoration

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Under our staff supervision hair restoration is easy using growth factors derived from platelets rich plasma (PRP) extracted from your own blood

Growth factors help to regrow the hair follicles

The treatment course might need 3-4 sessions 30 days apart

However, unlike other first generation PRP systems, what makes Selphyl unique is the conversion of PRP to PRFM with the addition of a precise quantity of calcium chloride at the time of use. Through the addition of calcium chloride, we convert the fibrinogen in the blood into a fibrin matrix that offers the following benefits:

Benefits of Hair Restoration

-The fibrin matrix helps to localize platelets where they were applied vs. general diffusion into the tissue as happens with first generation PRP preparations (I.e. it stays within the treatment area vs migrating to other areas where tissue rejuvenation and growth factor activity may not be needed or appreciated)

-The fibrin matrix protects the viability of the platelet allowing for a sustained release of growth factor for up to 7 days (vs. rapid degranulation and a spike in growth factors over just a few hours with first generation PRP preparations)

-The calcium chloride neutralizes the sodium citrate (the anti-coagulant in the tube) so the PRFM is not acidic and does not have a characteristic “burning or stinging” sensation that is typical with PRP (I.e. the anti-coagulants that are used in competitive systems create acidity in the PRP that lead to further discomfort when applied).

Video Explanation Hair Restoration

Before and After Hair Restoration

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