Customized Weight loss Specials 2023

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Customized Weight loss Specials 2023

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Customized Specials at Rejuvenation Weight Loss Med Spa in Pasadena, Texas!
Customized Weight loss Specials 2023 Regimen with Semaglutide Injections:
Enjoy your choice of the following on your purchase of a 6-month package
  • Get the 1st Month Free or
  • 50% OFF CoolSculpting

Are you tired of struggling with yo-yo diets that yield temporary results? Look no further! Rejuvenation Weight Loss Med Spa in Pasadena, Texas, is thrilled to introduce our exclusive Customized Weight Loss Specials for 2023. Say goodbye to frustrating weight loss journeys and embrace a personalized approach that delivers sustainable results. With our innovative regimen featuring Semaglutide Injections, you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier you!

Customized Weight Loss Regimen with Semaglutide Injections:

At Rejuvenation Weight Loss Med Spa, we understand that everyone’s weight loss journey is unique. That’s why our skilled team of professionals is committed to creating a customized weight loss regimen tailored to your specific needs. Our groundbreaking approach includes the use of Semaglutide Injections, a revolutionary medication approved by the FDA for weight management.

Semaglutide Injections have shown remarkable effectiveness in helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals. This injectable medication works by reducing appetite and increasing feelings of fullness, leading to reduced food intake. With the guidance of our experienced medical staff, you can rest assured that your weight loss journey will be safe and closely monitored.

Exclusive Offer: To make your weight loss journey even more rewarding, Rejuvenation Weight Loss Med Spa is excited to offer a special deal on our 6-month package. When you purchase this comprehensive program, you can choose between two incredible options:

  1. Get the 1st Month Free: Begin your weight loss transformation with an extra boost! Take advantage of our offer to receive the first month of your 6-month package completely free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity to kick-start your progress and witness the positive changes firsthand.


  1. 50% OFF CoolSculpting: In addition to our Customized Weight Loss Regimen, we’re offering a fantastic discount on our popular CoolSculpting treatment. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that targets and eliminates stubborn fat cells, helping you achieve a more sculpted and toned physique. By choosing this option, you can complement your weight loss efforts and enhance your overall transformation.

Don’t Miss Out on this Exclusive Opportunity: Rejuvenation Weight Loss Med Spa is dedicated to providing exceptional care and empowering individuals to achieve their weight loss goals. With our Customized Weight Loss Specials for 2023, you can finally break free from ineffective diets and embark on a personalized weight loss journey that yields long-lasting results.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and choose the option that best suits your needs: get the 1st Month Free or enjoy 50% OFF CoolSculpting. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experts and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Say goodbye to the frustration of yo-yo diets and embrace the transformative power of our Customized Weight Loss Specials at Rejuvenation Weight Loss Med Spa in Pasadena, Texas!


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At Rejuvenation Med Spa Weight Loss, we’re physician-owned and operated ensuring treatments that far surpass anything you’d find at a day spa.  We offer the finest medical-grade treatments at highly affordable prices.  For best results, we recommend that you book a consultation with our doctor to discover which treatment or combination of treatments are best for your unique needs.

Special Terms & Conditions

  • All standard terms and conditions apply
  • Promotions are not retrospective.
  • In order to claim a special, you must purchase the offer upfront.
  • Promotions cannot be combined.
  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate a special at any time.
  • The expiration date is December 31, 2023
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