Turning Down the Temp with CoolSculpting®

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Looking for a way to get your body swimsuit-ready that does not involve dramatic dieting or exercising? Consider CoolSculpting®, the revolutionary and non-surgical method of body contouring. By lowering the temperature of targeted fat cells to the point that they cannot survive, you can get rid of them for good.

What CoolSculpting® Does

CoolSculpting® involves placing a special device on the area you would like to target. It then safely lowers the temperature of the fat cells in the area to a temperature where they crystallize and die. Once this has happened, the fat that the cells have been storing will be released so that your body can naturally flush it out. The surrounding skin and issues are unaffected by the process.

The idea of fat freezing came from two doctors who observed what happened when children eat a lot of popsicles. They appeared to lose volume in their cheeks as the coldness caused the fat cells there to crystallize. From these observations, CoolSculpting® was born!

What CoolSculpting® Can Treat

This highly-effective method of body contouring can be effectively used on the:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Buttocks

The CoolSculpting® Experience

At your consultation, we will discuss your body goals and ensure that this is the best choice for you. CoolSculpting® is not intended to treat obesity but rather help you shed those stubborn areas that do not respond to diet and exercise alone. We will discuss how many treatments you may need at this point.

During your treatment, you are encouraged to relax while the device does all of the work. Feel free to bring something to entertain yourself. People like to chat on the phone, read, or even sleep for a bit. Once the initial cold sensation has faded, CoolSculpting® is considered quite relaxing.

It will take your body some time to flush out the fat that is released. Peak results may take months to be reached. Due to the gradual way that your results appear, they look quite natural. No one will be able to tell that you had any help reaching your body goals!

Learn more about how fat freezing with CoolSculpting® can help you get the body of your dreams by consulting our professionals at Rejuvenation Laser Med Spa & Weight Loss. We have offices located in Houston, Pasadena, and Webster. Contact us today to book an appointment and get all the facts about this incredible treatment.

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